William Hall

Image: William Hall (courtesy Canada Post Corporation)

In February 2010 Canada Post released a stamp to celebrate the remarkable story of William Hall, the first Black to be honoured with the Victoria Cross.

William Hall was the son of Jacob and Lucy Hall, former slaves who fled the US and landed in Halifax as refugees of the War of 1812. The Halls eventually moved to Horton Bluff, on the Minas Basin in Nova Scotia, where William and 6 other children were born. Like many Nova Scotians growing up in the age of sail, William chose to go to sea. He was only 15 years old when he joined the crew of a merchant ship. He served for three years in the American Navy and in 1852 joined the British Navy as an able seaman. During the Crimean War he saw action with a gun crew in the siege of Sevastopol (in present-day Ukraine).

In those days Britain ruled a vast empire with its navy and the jewel in its crown was India. Hall was serving in the Far East on board HMS Shannon when Indian regiments of the British Army rose in arms against the British in 1857. In November 1857 Hall and his fellow sailors from the Shannon were sent on a mission to rescue a British garrison under siege in Lucknow, India.

Hall and his fellow gunners were given the task of breaching the thick walls of a large mosque, which was being used as a fortress by the rebels. Six men were killed and only Hall and another man were left firing their gun, moving it forward through a hail of bullets until a breach was torn in the wall. For his gallantry, Hall was presented with the Victoria Cross on October 28, 1859. He was the first Black and the first Canadian sailor to receive that famous medal.

William Hall served in the Royal Navy until 1876, when he retired to live with two sisters in a small farmhouse near Hantsport, Nova Scotia. He was buried without military honours in a nearby churchyard, where his grave became neglected. In 1945 his body was disinterred and reburied in a special plot of land adjacent to the Baptist church in Hantsport. Two years later a special cairn was erected there as a permanent memorial.

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